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Mobile Athletic Recovery offers you access to the largest range
of mobile recovery devices in Canberra.


We have all the latest high tech and recovery tools — right down to every size massage ball you could ever need. We can come to your office, your home, club, sports team or event. We also offer daily access to all these tools at our own gym Motion Fitness & Rehabilitation.




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Previously only available to athletes and health professionals, MAR is proud to be partnering with Bauerfeind AUS.

Bauerfeind products help thousands world-wide regain their mobility and wellbeing, with their high-quality products.

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The ACT and surrounding area now has public access to Bauerfeind’s medical line of supports, compression stockings and orthoses. Unique to Canberra, we provide personalised fittings to ensure the perfectly sized product is selected and has the maximum positive affect in your daily life.

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Mobile Service

If you would like to know more about what we offer or find out how we can help your sporting club, team or organisation recover faster get in touch.


We offer full access to the following devices:

  • Compression ice packs (knees, ankles, shoulders & more)

  • T-racks, T-wedges, T-balls

  • 20+ Massage Balls

  • Cool Wraps

  • Bauerfiend Braces & Supports

  • Youfoodz Protein Products

  • Compex (muscle stimulator/TENs machine)

  • Normatec Pro Recovery Suits
    (dynamic compression device)

  • Theraguns

  • Arm Aid (tennis elbow reliever)

  • 3 Levels of Shakti Mats

  • Oh Balls (Plantar Fasciitis Reliever)

Recovery Studio

Not a sporting club, team or organisation? We have you covered! You can come along to our home inside of Motion Fitness and Rehabilitation in Charnwood, ACT.
For more information on daily or weekly access please see our website.

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